You have learnt to adapt to the joys and challenges of motherhood. Now the financial reality beckons. As a mother of two young boys, I fully understand the issues facing you, and as your coach I can help you overcome them. All coaching is personal to you, but here are a selection of issues I can work on:

Fulfilment and self-identity

Do you feel you have lost meaning in who you are what you want to do?  Perhaps you feel a loss of independence and autonomy as you are ‘mum’ and you have forgotten what ‘you’ looks like. Working together, we will create a space to explore your identity. You will be better equipped to understand ‘you’ and what you want to achieve in your life.

Achieving balance

Feeling burnt out and juggling too many balls? The day has just not got enough hours to fit everything in? My coaching will help you reassess your values and priorities. It will leave you better placed to find fulfilment, spending your time effectively on the things that really matter.

Career change

Are you struggling to find fulfilment in your current role? Unsure how to get the job you want while still managing childcare? Together, we will assess your strengths, clarify your interests and examine your values in the context of your family commitments. You will be better placed to find a flexible role that matches your talents and skills.

Returning to Work

You have taken time out to have your children but want to know how to explain that gap on your CV? Or you have concerns about returning to your current employer after maternity leave? I will work with you to design a motivational, realistic and achievable action plan to ease your transition back into the workplace.

LinkedIn, CV and interview advice

With my extensive experience in careers guidance, I can help you through the whole application process. I’ll advise on writing an effective CV, selling yourself on LinkedIn and how to excel at interviews so you can get the job you really want.

Anna Colebourne - Meadow View Coaching

With 20 years experience in careers, HR and business

I have the background to help you

“I had been a full time mum for 9 years and hadn't had an interview for 12 years. Anna was amazing at building up my confidence.

Thanks to Anna I was well prepared and I got the job, the first one I had applied for!” 

—  Mum, Raynes Park


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