My career coaching offers you the chance to take a step back from professional life, evaluate what is working and what could be improved, and figure out what to do next. Career coaching can help you progress, reignite passion, make change and get a new job. ​​I offer two different approaches- a pre-planned progamme and flexible.

The Firework Coaching Programme is an excellent choice if you are seeking a career change or facing job search after redundancy. This internationally recognised career change programme has been tried and tested with over 1000 clients worldwide. Click here to see course content. This course is typically available over 9 or 12 sessions.


​The Explore phase is all about you getting clear about what you want from both your life and your work. Extensively covers strengths, motivations, achievements, values and everything you need in your working life to be motivated and satisfied.

In the second Dream phase, you generate exciting new career options.

In the final Discover phase you create a plan to take you to where you want to be.

Anna Colebourne - Meadow View Coaching

With 20 years experience in careers, HR and business

I have the background to help you

The Flexible Coaching approach is for those that want to work on a specific careers coaching topic without the need to follow a pre-planned programme. This also allows us to explore a broader range of topics than the programme covers, such as promotion and high performance. Typically we would start with a set of 3 sessions.


  • Strengths, skills, motivations

  • Building up your confidence

  • Generating exciting career options

  • Your ideal job

  • Overcoming barriers

  • Developing an effective action plan 


  • Strengths, skills, motivations

  • CV

  • Linked In

  • Interview Coaching

  • Networking


  • Managing transition successfully

  • Who do you want & need to become?

  • Overcoming barriers

  • Preparing for first three months

  • Skills and behaviours for next level

  • Networking / Priorities

  • Effective strategies and action planning to achieve your goals


  • Getting unstuck

  • Strengths, skills, motivations

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome

  • Tackle self sabotaging behaviours

  • Staying motivated

  • Effective strategies and action planning 


  • What does it look like?

  • Strengths, values, motivations

  • Who do you want/need to become?

  • Positive thinking and behaviours

  • Effective strategies

  • Action planning 

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