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This careers explore package will take you from a journey of uncertainty and not knowing what your next step might be to having a clear vision of a career that is right for you and an action pan to create this reality. This Firework Programme is run by an internationally approved provider and has been thoroughly tried and tested. The program can be run on a one to one basis via zoom or in a group setting. This package covers 3 essential elements:​​​​

  • Contains tools to stimulate your innate resourcefulness and creativity 

  • Focuses on the whole person examining their personal as well as working life

  • Research into best practice in career evaluation and transition

The program in more detail:-

Are you wanting a career change, feel tired and don’t get the same buzz or excitement you used to?

The EXPLORE part of the programme takes a long, hard look at who you. are so you get a clear idea of:

  • your values

  • your personal strengths

  • your interests and passions

  • your personal achievements

  • everything you need in your life to be happy and fulfilled

  • your life purpose

  • your most powerful self


This is about you as a person, your life as a whole. The next layer explores your work preferences.
We’ll work to identify:

  • your favourite job skills

  • your key work motivators

  • your professional strengths

  • your greatest work achievements

  • your preferred working organisation and environment

  • your ideal working day

  • everything you need in your working life to be motivated and satisfied.​​

Next the DREAM. This is a very creative phase when together we generate a number of possible new career choices.

We call it DREAM because the idea here is to be expansive, to think outside the box, not to be constrained by traditional notions of what’s possible. In truth, almost anything is possible if it’s right for you. And we will deal with making it possible in the final phase.

We will explore the most attractive ideas in some detail and then finally narrow them down to between one and three possibilities to be explored in detail in the DISCOVER phase, the final part of the programme.


DISCOVER is the point where we investigate the top possibility that were generated in the DREAM phase. We use a creative and empowering process which lets you turn your vision for an exciting career that’s right for you into a soundly based action plan to make it happen.

How the programme works

  • The programme can be taken as a minimum of 6 sessions but the full programme takes approx. 12 sessions  (a 2-hour induction session followed by 11 hour-long sessions).

  • This programme can be tailored to suit your unique circumstances and budget

  • The programme can be on a 1:1 basis in person, one to one via zoom or via an online group.

  •  In a group online coaching session, you will be supported and inspired by a group of like-minded individuals who are all working towards the same shared goal of a career change. You’ll move faster and more effectively as others will help you stay accountable. You will have the opportunity to grow your network and meet new, interesting people.

  • This is an intense programme that requires commitment and time. With the help of a skilled coach though, you will be best positioned for creating and making your dream career a reality.

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