Promotion & Performance  Coaching
Prices start from £599 for 6 sessions

Your belief in yourself is everything.  It will allow you to make an impact or not. Understand how to adopt the right mindset and behaviours to achieve the results you want. This package is designed to quickly give you the top up you need to achieve that promotion, improve your performance and achieve your career goals.

The package can be tailored to suit your specific needs and situation but can include:

Performance Coaching 

Develop a positive mindset, become connected to what really matters to you and learn how to reprogram your mind so you achieve the results you want.

Strengths Assessment

Discover your top skills and how to use your energy effectively so you perform at your best doing what you love. 


Personality Assessment  

Find out why why you behave as you do, how you are perceived by others and how to improve your communication style and behaviours so you become the best version of yourself.

Two psychometric assessment tests will lay the foundation of your coaching. You can also receive tailored coaching on areas such as how to increase your confidence, leadership coaching, overcoming self-limiting beliefs and how to improve your emotional intelligence.

Rob Wilkins, Managing Director 

"Anna provided me with executive coaching. Her advice was extremely helpful, practical and constructive. Sessions were thought provoking and challenging encouraging me to find the right outcomes and changes needed to achieve my goals. I would highly recommend Anna's executive coaching to anyone wanting clear guidance and practical support to move forward in their chosen careers."

Your investment

Payment covers all your coaching sessions and learning materials.  You will need to pay for the psychometric tests on top of the coaching. Payment can be made in monthly installments. If at any point you decide that the programme is not working for you, you can cancel with 1 month's notice.