Sophie King, Chartered Planner

"After being in the same field for 5 years, I felt I needed to reassess my career options. Anna tailored a programme that focused on re-building my professional confidence and identifying my strengths and weaknesses. She also provided me with constructive advice on the interview process. After just three sessions with Anna,  I am thrilled to have secured a new role at a new firm within the same industry. I now feel a renewed sense of enthusiasm and enjoyment for the industry I am in, which is incredibly exciting."


Career Coaching Testimonials


"Having Anna as an executive coach has been a really positive experience. Anna has a direct approach that I liked and she works effectively with you to challenge your thinking and get results. She is flexible and tailored the sessions to where I was, what I was doing and what I wanted to achieve. I leave the coaching with a more conscious sense of who I am, the value I bring to an organisation and the confidence to say what I am thinking and to know I can make an impact. I recommend coaching with Anna for anyone who is at a cross-road in their career, maybe a little lost and needs to reconnect with their purpose and values and then refocus on where they want to take their career."

Senior Manager, PwC


 "I had been a full time mum for 9 years and hadn't had an interview for 12 years. Anna was amazing at building up my confidence. She gave me help with my job application and coached me through interview practice. I was really nervous about the interview but she calmed me down and gave me good tools to use. Thanks to Anna I was well prepared and I got the job, the first one I had applied for!"

Mum, Raynes Park


"I would not hesitate to recommend Anna as a careers coach. She worked hard with me to understand my key drivers and gave me the space and support to create a plan of action for my future career. I am now in a new role which Anna gave me the courage to go for.  Anna was both patient and challenging which was just what I needed.  A great experience."

Senior Manager returning after maternity leave, HSBC


 "Anna was incredibly knowledgeable about the current job market and how to approach it, particularly given the circumstances that surround employment currently. The hints and tips that she covered were all useful and easily implemented and she was able to offer access to further sources of information should it be required. Her understanding and empathy towards the situation that I am in, made for a very easy and positive conversation following which I would have no issues with recommending her to friends and colleagues in the future."

Director of Sales, Matthew Clarke  


"Anna has worked closely with us in delivering a series of job search workshops remotely, to a diverse range of companies and attendees. Her professionalism and passion for the subject matter has always been consistently high, and as an organisation we have received excellent client feedback. I would highly recommend Anna as an outplacement and career coach, and we look forward to continuing to work closely with her"

Delivery Manager of Career Coaching Organisation, Outplacement First


"As a 'returning-to-work Dad' following parental leave, it has been invaluable to have a supportive coaching relationship.  Anna has worked with me on next career steps, moving on from setbacks and exploring new styles of employment - all key to learning how to juggle work and family commitments. I appreciate Anna's positive and direct approach, which never fails to move my thinking forwards."

Senior Manager, NHS


"I saw Anna for 3 sessions. Anna schooled me in the art of the interview and as a result I landed a short-term contracting role, and then a permanent role at a top media company. I couldn’t have done it without her help. I can’t thank her enough."

Marketing Manager, Sky


"I was sceptical about coaching, but Anna's approach and ability to listen coupled with right dose of challenge, feedback and reflection have helped me tremendously to chose the right direction going forward."

CFO, Marketing Services


"Anna helped me to clarify my thinking at a critical point in my career. Her coaching enabled me to uncover career options that I’d not previously considered. Her attentive listening and thoughtful questioning helped me to define what I wanted from my career and what steps I needed to take in order to pursue those goals."

Management Consultant


"Anna helped me crystallise some key themes to work on within my career development and has been pivotal in helping me improve my performance and confidence. Anna is a highly skilled coach who has a great coaching style and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her services."

Senior Marketing Manager, British Heart Foundation


"Anna provided clarity and focus in the job application process, a process that was fraught with anxiety for me. Each session was relevant to what I required. I found the process extremely useful. I do not hesitate to recommend Anna, thank you so much particularly as I found a job I am happy with after only 3 sessions!"

Graphic Designer


"Anna is an extremely professional coach, determined to ensure your sessions with her result in the outcomes you want to achieve. Sessions are structured and yet flexible to suit you. My meetings with Anna offered clarity around my personal skills and motivations and I would recommend Anna for anyone needing help to determine their next professional move."

Senior Marketing Manager


"Today has been just fabulous for me. I know it will make a lifetime difference. Thank you so much."

Regional Manager, British Heart Foundation


"Anna has a good client manner and is excellent at perceptive questioning in order to help clients appraise their selves and situations. She offered an initial session to get to know me and my aims, explain how she worked, as well as ensuring she knew how far I was prepared to be challenged. I particularly found some of the exercises very enlightening. I have no hesitation in recommending her to others."

Senior Tax Consultant


"Anna helped me crystallise some key themes to work on within my career development and has been pivotal in helping me improve my performance and confidence. Anna is a highly skilled coach who has a great coaching style and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her services."

Senior Marketing Manager, British Heart Foundation




Leadership Coaching Testimonials


"As a result of Anna's coaching,  I have developed an understanding of the skills people should learn at my stage of being a leader. Anna helped me identify which areas were the most important in my situation and then supported me as I created an action plan to make changes to my management style. Anna was very helpful, particularly in helping me understand the image of myself that I project – and understanding how my actions might be interpreted by others. I really felt that Anna was my companion on this journey. She was very good at listening to what I said, being simultaneously supportive and challenging. When Anna challenged me, I felt the way in which she did so was perfectly judged. I felt an instant rapport with Anna. I could be honest with her, and I was sure that what I said would be kept in confidence. There is nothing else I feel Anna could have done that would have helped me even more."

Social Media Manager


"Anna has coached several of my colleagues since 2016. It has been a pleasure to work with Anna. Her clients were managers at middle and senior levels and came from across diverse business areas within the organisation (Marketing, IT, Retail). Their feedback about Anna’s skills and approach to coaching has been very positive. Anna clearly developed great rapport with them and they have found their time with her very beneficial."

Organisational Development Adviser, British Heart Foundation


"I learnt how to manage change and the expectations of my team. I learnt that articulating and setting expectations is key in communication. My coach was very helpful in making me think differently through the exercises we completed and how I could relate the exercises back to my team to achieve the most from them."

Senior Project Manager, British Heart Foundation



Graduate Coaching Testimonials


"Anna has helped me a lot and I am able to apply what I have learnt in my daily life. I am so thankful for this. I actually feel more positive towards work/university and happier in general thanks to our coach self-reflection activities."

Final year university student. Now graduate in a top job


"Anna's coaching sessions are particularly useful and enlightening in terms of thinking through and tackling some of my personal / career problems. Anna had been very structured from start to finish, created a safe and comfortable environment for sharing and even left me with a few gems (techniques) to be used going forward.

Would recommend her coaching highly!"

Associate, Leadership Development Programme



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