Do you feel like you are achieving less than you should?  Do you feel stressed out, anxious or overwhelmed?  


Well being and mental fitness coaching enables an individual to engage productively with their environment, to manage relationships positively, communicate well, to feel fulfilled, motivated and optimistic. As a result of my coaching, you will move from stress to success, achieving a healthy work life balance, increased personal confidence and the ability to communicate effectively and manage through uncertainty.


I am a mental fitness coach who works both for an external organisation and privately coaching individuals. My coaching offers you access to  a diagnostic well-being tool that provides you with personalised data so you gain a thorough insight into your mental fitness and well-being over many areas. Alternatively, I can offer you a tailored package covering topics such as:


  • What does well-being look like?

  • Becoming ‘unstuck’

  • Confidence coaching

  • Positive mindset and behaviours

  • Improved work - life balance

  • Resilience


  • What does it look like?

  • Strengths, values, motivations

  • Who do you want/need to become?

  • Positive thinking and behaviours

  • Effective strategies

  • Action planning 

Anna Colebourne - Meadow View Coaching

As a result of my coaching, you become more confident, more focused and achieve better results

“I really felt that Anna was my companion on this journey. She was very good at listening to what I said, being simultaneously supportive and challenging. I could be honest with her” 

—  Social Media Manager, London


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