Well-Being and Confidence Coaching

Do you feel like you are achieving less than you should?  Do you feel stressed out, anxious or overwhelmed?  


Well being and confidence coaching enables you to engage productively with your environment, to manage relationships positively, communicate well, to feel fulfilled, motivated and optimistic. As a result of my coaching, you will move from stress to success, achieving a healthy work life balance, increased personal confidence and the ability to communicate effectively and manage through uncertainty.

Packages Available 

Top Up Confidence Coaching

Prices start from £399 for 5 sessions

  • Do you wish to reconnect with yourself, regain your purpose and motivation and improve your confidence?

  • Or have you recently experienced a knock to your confidence and would like to build up your resilience? 


This package is a simple one - off confidence top up to help you feel happier, empowered, reconnect with yourself and overall discover what matters. 

My top up confidence coaching package is for you if you wish to:

  • Reconnect with yourself and discover what really matters to you and motivates you

  • Overcome your self-doubt chatter and identify and release inner blocks

  • Become more assertive and productive able to manage your time and energy more effectively

  • Feel empowered to step out of your comfort zone


Total Well-Being Coaching 

Prices start from £450 for 6 sessions

  • Do you want to see more of a transformative and long term change?

  • Do you want to increase your long term performance, mental resilience and communication?

  • Would you like to manage your response to uncertainty more effectively? 

This package will improve your total well-being long term and overall it will help you: 

  • Regain a sense of purpose, motivation and a sense of achievement in yourself and your work 

  • Learn how to manage yourself and your feelings more effectively

  • Overcome your self-doubt chatter and identify and release inner blocks

  • Develop an understanding of your strengths and how to harness these strengths to your advantage

  • Develop an understanding of your inner blocks and improve your performance over a number of personal growth areas

What's involved? 


  • An assessment that measures your psychological and emotional well-being .

  • You will develop an understanding of how well you manage yourself and your environment.

  • You will receive personalised feedback and coaching on areas such as how to improve your work-life balance and personal confidence, how to communicate effectively and manage through uncertainty.

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Appointments can be in person, or via Skype / Zoom