When I meet new people and tell them what I do, it is often the case that although they have heard of coaching, they are usually unclear as to exactly what it involves. Lets see if I can add some clarity!

In my view, the aim of coaching is to achieve transformational change in your life. Coaching breaks through the obstacles holding you back, helping you fulfil your potential and achieve your aspirations.

Coaching is a one-to-one relationship between the coach (me) and the client (you). My role as coach is to create is a supportive and motivating environment to explore what you want in life and how you might achieve those aspirations. It is a totally personalised approach, adapted to your needs.

My training provides me with a wealth of tools to help you achieve greater self-awareness, with a focus on powerful questioning techniques. The coaching approach enables you to discover your own solutions to the challenges you face, and as such a coach does not act as a mentor or counsellor. Instead, I'm here to be your sounding board, providing you with the personal space and support you need to grow and develop.

With greater understanding of the obstacles you face, the next phase of coaching can kick in - change. However, change is never easy. Working towards a goal is easiest when motivation is high, but motivation comes in peaks and troughs. As your coach, I will be positive and encouraging, supporting and guiding you with strategies and solutions designed to embed the change. 


I will help you build up the self-awareness which empowers choice and leads to change. As a result of my coaching, you will feel supported and motivated at every stage. We will create practical, step-by-step action plans, enabling you to reach your goals. You will have the tools, techniques and strategies you need to create lasting change and achieve the results you wish in both your personal and professional life.

Anna Colebourne - Meadow View Coaching

"the aim of coaching

is to achieve transformational change"

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