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Hi! I'm Anna Colebourne, a careers coach. I coach professionals looking for a new role, a career change or promotion. 

Your career and well being is important to you. I totally get it.  I love helping my clients free themselves from what is holding them back and find purpose and satisfaction in what they do everyday. Many people say "I work to live". That doesn’t add up. Surely, in order to live life to the full, you must love your work too?  That's where I can help! My career coaching will enable you to find a renewed sense of purpose and motivation and help you live up to your true potential. My career coaching will enable you to climb higher and faster than you could on your own.

“As a 'returning-to-work Dad' following parental leave, I appreciate Anna's positive and direct approach, which never fails to move my thinking forwards.”


—  Senior manager, NHS

All coaching is bespoke to you, but as a guide here are the most popular coaching packages to transform your professional and personal life.

Call or email today to book your free 30 minute consultation.  

Careers Coaching

I offer tailored coaching on a variety of career coaching areas including:


Career change, confidence, job search, CV and interviews, leadership, promotion, selling yourself effectively, performance, releasing inner blocks, imposter syndrome, resilience and work life balance.

Find A Job


Includes 1:1 and group coaching on areas that include job search, CV, LinkedIn and how to excel at interviews.

Career Change
Find Your Dream Job

 A well established career change program run by an internationally recognised provider.

Available 1:1 or in an online group setting

Promotion and Performance Coaching

Learn how to become the best version of yourself so you move up the career ladder quicker. 

Confidence and Well-Being Coaching

Confidence Coaching

This package enables you to feel happier, empowered, reconnect with yourself and overall discover what matters. Overcome that negative thinking and discover how to become more assertive and productive.

Well-being Coaching

Take an assessment that gives you personalized feedback on a number of

well-being areas such as confidence, how to manage yourself and your environment and improve your performance. ​

Anna - careers and well-being coach

I'm Anna. With over 20 years of careers coaching experience, I have a proven track record of inspiring people of all levels to achieve their career & life aspirations.

With experience working as part of corporate HR teams,  a variety of executive career coaching companies, business schools & universities, I have experience of helping my clients deal effectively with a multitude of complex career issues. During my time in the City,  I have worked at Morgan Stanley, Bank of Ireland and PricewaterhouseCoopers. I have also worked for BPP Law School, University of Essex, Regent's University London and charities such as the British Heart Foundation, CfBT and Family Lives.  I regularly conduct executive coaching and redundancy coaching for the organisations Executive Connexions and Outplacement First. 


I am passionate about helping every client achieve career satisfaction and success, discover their natural strengths and skills and gain well-being by being in harmony with their talents, values, visions and goals.  

What am I like to work with? 

  • Non-directive - the agenda is driven by you

  • Caring, warm, non-judgemental, open-minded

  • Flexible, empathetic and pragmatic

  • Provide you with robust, honest feedback

  • Willing to challenge you constructively and move you out of your comfort zone

To hear live testimonials of how I have helped professional people just like you, click here.

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